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[AWStats] Nouvelle version 6.3

Messagepar Daimonos Tereutes » 01 Fév 2005, 11:02

New features/improvements:
- Added the geoip_isp_maxmind and geoip_org_maxmind plugin to allow
rrports by ISP and Organizations.
- Details firefox versions.
- webmin module: Report GeoIP databases versions.
- Support keywords detection for search engines that store search key
inside url instead of parameters. This means AWStats can now detect
keywords from search engines like a9.com

- Removed an unknown security hole.
- Removed an other unknown major security hole (found by iDEFENSE).

- The geoip_city_maxmind plugin was sometimes bind and towns with
space in names are reported correctly.
- Restart of apache on debian failed in awstats_configure.pl
- Better look for file types tables.
- Fix: [ 1066468 ] Translated word gets corupted (&OUML instead of Ö)
- Fix: [ 1074810 ] XML Parsing Error
- Fix: [ 991768 ] "Created by awstats" not localized
- Fix: [ 1092048 ] flash(.swf) in NotPageList(default)
- Fix pb when there is spaces in key of ExtraSections

- SaveDatabaseFilesWithPermissionsForEveryone is 0 by default instead
of 1 for security reasons.
- Updated documentation
- Updated language files

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